Fashionistas, travelers, expats beyond our French borders during our childhood, studies or more recently for our first work experiences, our taste for clothes and building our dressing has growing over the seasons, walking down the streets of Paris, and has reunited us for a very special project.


Strengthenedby our experiences we have decided to realize our ultimate dream: create our own brand, allowing each of us to escape and travel with our mind thanks to unique details (recalling us good times abroad and hoping new adventures will nourish Amance every season).


Both of us coming from the luxury and fashion world, the first Amance trip started in March 2018.


Although this adventure is quite recent it has always been part of our lives.





As a child Morgane used to dream of becoming a stylist… and already imagined herself running a business, sharing with friends and families tons of colorful drawings and dresses with thousands of inspirations. Morgane is among other missions taking care of the creativity aspect in the making of our silhouettes every season, new travels and discoveries.


Morgane Amance crew team top management




On her side and during her childhood and expatriation, Victoire has always brought her taste for writing and imagination, with many stories to tell – very often true but largely extrapolated-. Finding the right word or story to highlight our imagined look or drawing piece and make you travel is part of Victoire's mission at the heart of this adventure.


Amance crew team top management start up fashion



The daily business is a mix of travels; business meetings, finding the next trends that we are sharing with passion, to enhance with grace and esthetic each instant of a day.


Unity makes strength and we strongly believe in team building to create a collection at our image.


"Avec tout notre Am.our" - with love

Victoire and Morgane