The majority  of us are dressing ourselves based on the day, hour and occasion. For Amance, an outfit or a silhouette depends on a geographic location. 

A suit for a business day at La Défense, a short and long sleeved blouse in Amazonia, a long pant and a scarf in the Sahara or a fluid dress while leaving the Cathedral of Almudena in Madrid.  


 Every moment of our life is different according to where we are, therefore, our outfit must adapt. Amance is playing with Fashion around the latitude and longitude coordinates


For each outfit are associated geographic coordinates depending on the place where the piece has been imagined, conceived and worn 


All of Amance pieces from collection SS2019  

are designed in Paris : 48°51’30’’N 2°20’15’’E 

Created in a small and familial factory near Porto, 

well - known for their craft and experience: 41°16’43’’ N 8°22’20’’ W 

To be worn whenever and wherever you feel to : ° ‘ ‘’  !  °  ‘ ‘’ !  


A pre-summer limited edition of T-shirts exclusively as a first preview 

Hand in hand with a serigraphy workshop based in Montpellier, we have carefully selected a basic tee in organic cotton, with a loose cut to offer a very casual style



Double sided, coded and intriguing; the printed sleeves will drive you far from daily life to a world of discoveries


Set the sails !


The first step is to put on the right outfit and the adventure is sure to begin...